Announcement: Ranger Course, second session

Update: Registration for the second session of the ranger course is suspend – the allocated seats were occupied!

Bihor County Council organizes the project “The impact ecosystems of protected areas in the custody of Bihor County Council and the Museum of Cris County on key economic sectors” – EcoNatura , a Ranger course – COR code 511315.

The course addresses:

  • custody persons responsible for protected areas,
  • youth in local communities
  • NGO representatives working in the field of environmental protection established by statute.

    The course will be held in a location of the perimeter of protected areas and will include both theoretical activities in gym and field activities. The course will end with a certificate of participation and a diploma course training / refresher ranger occupation – COR code: 511 315 .

    Protected natural areas and Natura 2000 sites included in the project are:
    1. Natura 2000 site and the Nature Reserve Betfia Hill Place fossil Şomleului
    2. Natura 2000 site and the Nature Reserve Creek Lake Peţea Peţea
    3. Natura 2000 site Tăşad Reserve and limestone tortoniene from Tăşad
    4. Natura 2000 site ROSCI0347 Fegernic Meadow
    5. site ROSCI0291 “Corridor Bihor Mountains – Woods Moma”
    6. Red Natura 2000 site ROSCI0267 Valley
    7. Blessed ROSCI0084 site – Plai
    8. ROSCI0200 Plateau Vaşcău site.


    The course duration will be of 11 days and will be held from 19 to 24 September and 26 September to 30 September 2016 , so students are assured accommodation and meals throughout the period of deployment, guesthouse Tour, Remetea , Bihor County.

    The enrollment period for the second group of trainees is between 25/08/2016 – 09/09/2016 , the selection of participants will be made on a “first come, first served ‘provided employment in the target group and sending the registration form in the course.

    Interested persons who fall within the target groups listed above, may require additional registration to the e-mail contact @ href=”” econaturabihor .com or href=”” and the scanned documents will be completed and sent by e-mail to the organizer at href=”” . Registration form can be downloaded from the website href=”” , the “Project / Events”.

    Registration form and required documents will be sent by e-mail at one of the addresses above, and after confirmation of registration they will be sent scanned by e-mail and filed on the first day of the course organizers.
    Documents required for admission to the course:
    1. enrollment request completed
    2. copy of the original by NGO status (if applicable)
    3. ID card copy (C.I.)
    4. copy of the last diploma to drive your education (minimum secondary education)
    5. medical certificate: Apt Ranger course (will bring the course)
    6. CV showing minimal knowledge on protected areas
    7. copy of birth certificate, marriage * (if applicable).

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