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Natura 2000 site Betfia and Natural Reservation Locul fosilifer (Fossil site), on Şomleului Hill

Betfia site and Natural Reservation Locul fosilifer from Şomleului Hill is located at about 9 km SE of Oradea, near the Betfia village, Com. Sânmartin, Bihor County. The reservation can be reached from Oradea by route E 79 until 1 Mai Balneum and from there through the village road that crosses the Haieu village until the Betfia village. Locul fosilifer (Fossil site) is located at about 300 m from the edge of the village, on the south-western slope of Şomleu Hill, near Betfia Avenal, known locally under the name of Hudra Bradii, geographic data location of the reserve being 22 ° 1 ’19’ east longitude and 46 ° 58 ’94 ” northern latitude, with an area of 0.40 ha. Betfia site has an area of 1748 ha and overlaps with the reservation, geographical location data being 22 ° 01 ’41 ” eastern longitude and 46 ° 58′ 30″ northern latitude, representing a particular importance for bat species, amphibians and reptiles.


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