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Reserve Natura 2000 site and Calcarelor Tortoniene Tăşad Reservation

Tăşad site and Calcarelor Tortoniene Natural Reservasion (a limestone reservation) from Tăşad is located on Crişanei Hills, Drăgeşti village, Tăşad locality in Bihor County, at 22 km from Oradea and 12 km from Băile Felix. The access to the reservation is made on national road 79 Oradea Beiuş. It is bordered by Tăşad locality at west, Poiana Tăşad at north, Bucuroaia at east and Drăgeşti / Stracos at south and covers an ​​0.40 ha area. The access can be made also from european road 60 Oradea – Cluj, from Oşorhei town on county road 767E, to Poiana Tăşad by Copăcel. Geographical location data are 22° 05 ’02 ” east longitude and 46 ° 57′ 01″ north latitude. Tăşad site has an area of ​​1557 ha and overlaps with Calcarele Tortoniene Reservation from Tăşad, geographical location data of Natura 2000 site Tăşad being 22° 8 ’10 “east longitude and 46 ° 55′ 55” north latitude.
– In custody of Bihor County Council: Natura 2000 site ROSCI0347 Pajiştea Fegernic, ROSCI0291 Site “Coridorul Munţii Bihorului – Codru Moma” Natura 2000 ROSCI0267 Site Valea Roşie, ROSCI0084 Site Ferice – Plai, Platoul Vaşcău ROSCI0200 Site.


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