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The ROSCI0291 Site Coridorul Munţii Bihorului – Codru Moma” (hereinafter referred to as ROSCI0291)

It is located in Region 5 West of Romania, being located in 65% on Arad County territory and 35% on Bihor County Territory. Its surface has 7591.5 ha.
The geographical coordinates of site are 46° 28’16 north latitude and 22° 17’56” east longitude into the western point, respectively 46° 21’29’ ‘N, 22° 33’17” east in the most eastern point. The site is located at an altitude of 557 m, maximum altitude being 938 m and minimum is 255 m.

The site “CoridorulMunţii Bihorului – Codru Moma” is part of the European ecological network “Natura 2000”. It is a declared protected area, in order to protect the landscape, ecological and cultural diversity, on a representative sample from the national territory of Romania and the Apuseni Mountains. ROSCI0291 site is one of European Community importance and it is a territory that includes land categories of private and state use. It does not overlap above other protected areas of local or national interest. The site does not benefit from the management structure nor has a management plan. It was proposed as SCI site in January, of the 2011 year.

The area has a landscape with great aesthetic value, with a great habitats diversity, flora and fauna. The site includes two bio-geographical regions – continental region and a alpine region – and two habitat classes:
– N16 – deciduous forests – in 94% of the surface;
– N14 – improved grassland – a rate of 6% from the surface.
According to the standard form, Natura 2000 site includes compact forest habitats, which are used as an ecological corridor for large carnivores, the main types of forest here being beech, oak and pine forests.

This great diversity of habitats, flora and fauna is a result from the way of land using over time, on the site territory being used traditional method of land use, but also social organization way of local communities, and traditional customs of the place ROSCI0291 Site can provide a various opportunities for visitors in tourism and recreation, which integrates the traditional way of life of local communities. The ROSCI0291 Site bordered to the northwest with Natura 2000 Codru Moma site ROSCI0042, at north with Natura 2000 Vaşcău Plateau site ROSCI0200 and at east with ROSCI0324 Site Bihor Mountains and in the south makes the transition to the ROSCI0298 Crişul Alb Defile Site (Integration with territory Site – Annex).
The site is included mostly, in Codru Moma mountains territory, located in the southeastern part of these mountains, specifically in Moma Mountain.

Codru-Moma Mountains are part of the Apuseni Mountains, being located in the west part of them. They represent a island mountainous mass, surrounded by depressions. These mountains are delimited at north by Pădurea Craiului Mountains and at east by Bihor Mountains trough Beiuş Depression, drained by Crişul Negru River and at south by Zarand Mountains, trough Zarand and Gurahonţ Depressions, drained by the Crişul Alb River. At west it is bordered by Dealurile de Vest (West Hills).
In the site area, the Moma Mountains relief is developed of impermeable Paleozoic rocks, with valleys bordered by rounded mountain crests. Towards the northern boundary of the site appears limestone, prevailing on the neighboring territory of the site, in Vaşcău Karst Plateau, where they created a spectacular relief.


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