General objective:

Identifying opportunities for implementing solutions in ecosystem degradation services problem, an increase in the levels of knowledge about their contribution to the economy and stop the biodiversity loss in Romania.

Specific objective 1. Increase knowledge level of the economic value and protected areas contribution and also of Natura 2000 sites from the Bihor County Council custody and the Ţării Crişurilor Museum at different economic sectors, with 50%, in a 12 month period.

Specific objective 2. Increase the involvement of local communities in environmental protection and conservation through a minimum 20 rangers for the protected areas within 6 months and specific information.

Specific objective 3. Increase protection level of protected areas and Natura 2000 sites by conducting an awareness campaign about environmental protection importance for a 3 months period.

The Project is to contribute at general objective program, meaning that the studies carried out by the project will identify the best fitting solutions for infrastructure planning of protected areas included, so to provide solutions in ecosystem services degradation problem, increase knowledge level related to their economic contribution, and also help to stop biodiversity loss in Romania.

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