Financing Program




Biodiversity and ecosystem services

1. The program aims: Halting the loss of biodiversity.

2.   Specific objectives of the Program: Through the program implementation is expected an improvement of the ecosystems condition and also of the level of knowledge, information and public awareness related to the benefits of everyday products and the importance of maintaining ecosystem services in a good condition.

The program budget: EUR 17,647,057 (EUR 15,000,000 Grant, co-funding EUR 2.647.057)

Donor partner: Norwegian Environment Agency.

Expected results:

The program sustains projects that will deliver results regarding to:
Improving the management capacity of ecological corridors;
Creating methodologies for establishing ecological corridors;
Required reports for methodology completion;
Ecosystems delimitation;
Identify payments mechanisms for ecosystem services.


Solicitanţii eligibili în cadrul Programului RO02 – Biodiversitate şi Servicii ale Ecosistemelor sunt: autorităţi publice şi organizaţii non-guvernamentale.


​1. Total available budget: the total available budget for this call is Euro 2,000,000

2. Minimum and maximum grant amount per project: the minimum value of the grant applied for is Euro 400,000 and the maximum value is Euro 500,000.

3. Eligible applicants under this call are:
public authorities, and
non-governmental organisations.

4. Maximum project grant rate:
100% for public authorities
90% for non-governmental organisations.

5. Eligible activities
The recently adopted EU Biodiversity Strategy to halt the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in EU by 2020, proposed six main targets and 20 actions in order to help Europe reach its goal. Target 2 aims to maintain and enhance ecosystems and their services by 2020 by establishing green infrastructure and restoring at least 15 % of degraded ecosystems.
Action 5 states that by 2014, Member States have to map and assess their ecosystems and services, and by 2020 to assess the economic value and to integrate these values into accounting and reporting systems. The Member States are supported by the European Commission during the meetings organized, at various levels.
The improvement of the knowledge and policies as regards the contribution of the ecosystems of protected areas in the economic sector is considered a priority. This objective may be reached by preparing studies on the contribution of the natural ecosystems of protected areas and reports on the support of public policies in particular in relation to the main economic sectors in Romania.

Mandatory indicators 

Minimum performance

Verification criteria

Number of studies on the contribution of protected areas natural ecosystems to main economic sectors completed

1 study

Copy of the study


Number of summary reports of the studies giving policy advice in place

1 report

Copy of the report

The applicants are invites to submit proposals in line with the above.
In order to achieve the indicators of the proposed call, the applicants are required to achieve results above the minimum performance indicators presented in the table below, in accordance to the activities proposed in their application projects (as for example studies as regards to the contribution of the ecosystem or identified payment mechanisms).

The deadline for submitting financing applications is 12 November 2014, at 17.00.
The deadline stated above is for actual delivery time at the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, Applicants should not wait for the deadline to submit financing applications.


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