“The economic value of protected natural areas” – workshop organized within the project

An important activity of this project, the workshop “The economic value of protected natural areas” was held on 01.10.2015. At this workshop were invited to attend a number 20 experts, representatives of local authorities, universities, institutions and environmental NGOs. The activity will conclude with a report on the economic value of protected areas and Natura 2000 sites included in the project, developments and necessary measures to protect and preserve.


„Un concept relativ nou îşi face tot mai mult simţită prezenţa atunci când vorbim despre ariile protejate: valoarea economică a acestora. Pentru mine, ca biolog, este o provocare să particip, alături de specialişti în economie la evaluarea ariilor cuprinse în acest proiect. Important este ca, la finalul discuţiilor, să avem o abordare care va asigura o dezvoltare durabilă a acestora.” Marton Venczel, expert biodiversitate.

“A relatively new concept makes its presence felt more and more when we talk about protected areas: their economic value. For me as a biologist, it is a challenge to participate, along with economists to assess the areas included in the project. Importantly, the end of the talks to have an approach that will ensure their sustainable development.” Venczel Marton, biodiversity expert.

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