The workshop “Protected natural areas – present and future”

One of the first public activities of this project, the workshop “Protected natural areas – Present and Future”, held on 23.09.2015. At this workshop were invited to attend a number 20 experts, representatives of local authorities, universities, institutions and environmental NGOs. The activity will conclude with a report on the state of protected areas and Natura 2000 sites included in the project, developments and necessary measures to protect and preserve.

“The debate prospects for the protection and development of these areas by a large number of specialists from diverse backgrounds, so the various points of view will give us the possibility, in the report the activity, but also in the final study, to have approach as exhaustive discussion of all problems and prioritize solutions to these protected areas to be preserved as well, to retain the value of outstanding natural but at the same time, these measures result in sustainable development areas.” Răzvan Dumbravă, protected areas expert.

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