The workshop “Protected natural areas and their impact on key economic sectors”

The last activity in a series of three workshops, the one entitled “Protected natural areas and their impact on key economic sectors”, held on 10.07.2015. At this workshop were invited to attend a number 20 experts, representatives of local authorities, universities, environmental protection and NGOs. The activity will conclude with a report on the impact of major economic sectors on protected areas and Natura 2000 sites included in the project development prospects, but also appropriate measures for a better protection and their conservation.

“We expect that at the end of this workshop, we have three reports of great quality to support us in a study as rich and meaningful which will constitute a working tool important for authorities and agents economic, so that sustainable development in these areas to become effective conservation and protection of nature in perfect harmony with economic development.” PhD. Aurelia Florina Dumiter, project manager.

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